The Solomon Islands Ports Authority. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Ports Authority. Photo credit:

The Workers Union of Solomon Islands (WUSI) and its more than 200 members employed by the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) are calling for the immediate termination of the SIPA Board Chairman, Mr Nollen Leni, the CEO Mr Collin Yow and the 10 consultants of Singapore who are currently engaged by the Ports Authority.

WUSI General Secretary Tony Kagovai says the union and its SIPA members are also calling for an immediate halt the – “Reform Programme.” initiated by the Asian consultants describing it as a clever cover up for what appears to be a money making scheme which these consultants set up at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority.

Mr Kagovai says they are also submitting a formal request to the Government to set up as a matter of urgency an independent and
credible investigation into how the Solomon Islands Ports Authority had spent a total of $29 million between May 2013 and December 2014 following the engagement of the ten Singapore consultants.

He says they are also issuing a 28 day strike notice in support of the demands – following two general meetings held in Honiara after work last week.

Mr Kagovai adds the Government must do something immediately to protect the future of the Solomon Islands Ports Authority given the fact that it is an institution so crucial to the economic development of Solomon Islands.

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