Some homes in Vanikoro are still safe. Photo credit: DFAT.

Some homes in Vanikoro are still safe. Photo credit: DFAT.

An aerial assessment conducted by the Royal Australian Air Force has revealed that Anuta island in Temotu province has been the hardest hit by cyclone Pam.

Chief Operations Officer of the National Emergency Operations Centre, George Baragamu confirmed the assessment, saying it was done upon a Government request.

He told SIBC News yesterday the assessment was done to get an initial situational overview of cyclone Pam’s impacts in the country.

“We requested them particularly to carry out the initial situational overview or an Ariel assessment to help the National Disaster Management Office to identify the scope and scale of the possible impacts done by tropical cyclone Pam. So the Ariel assessment has already been conducted in Temotu province, covering all its islands.”

Mr Baragamu added the assessment has shown that Anuta Island was worst hit by the cyclone.

“The Ariel assessment has shown that Anuta island has been worst hit and was stripped of its vegetation and there are signs of huge impacts in terms of storm surge and waves and these could have a lot of secondary impacts on people living on the island.”

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