International Family Farming Day poster. Photo credit: UN.

International Family Farming Day poster. Photo credit: UN.

Permanent Secretary for Agriculture and Livestock has called for greater national attention to family farming, saying failing to address this results in a dependency syndrome.

Jimmy Saelea made the statement this morning at the officially launch of the first ever Agriculture week in Honiara.

The Agriculture Week has brought together stakeholders in the sector, including local farmers, to showcase their produce and products at the Art Gallery area.

In his address, Mr Saelea said family farming and rural development cannot be separated as both are predominant forms of agriculture in food production.

“Family Farming and Rural Development cannot be separated since it is the predominant form of agriculture in the food production sector. When one talks about rural development, family farming has to be a large component of such issues and such policies.”

The Permanent Secretary adds, the dependency syndrome is corrupting communities and this can be discouraged if families receive assistance to establish small holding activities.

“In failing to address family farming in rural areas, the result is the dependency syndrome that has been corrupting our communities. The system therefore, must be discouraged, by providing assistance to families to establish small holder activities, lest we forget the farming family consists of a father, mother and children. The father must recognise the important contribution the mother and children provide to family farming activities. Agriculture is everyone’s business.”

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