Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Ex-Government media consultant Alfred Sasako has blamed the Deputy Prime Minister Douglas Ete for what he termed as ‘engineering’ his termination.

Mr Sasako confirmed receiving his termination letter, which he said was backdated to 27 July and was signed by the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM).

He said he believed the letter was finally issued following a meeting yesterday between the SSPM and Deputy Prime Minister.

Mr Sasako claimed no reasons were given for his termination, adding, clause 17(b) of his contract was cited, but it stipulates the duty and responsibilities of each party in the event the engagement was prematurely terminated.

He explained, the grounds for contract termination are medical, non-performance and misconduct in office, none of which was cited in his letter.

Meanwhile, Mr Sasako said he had not breached any of the three grounds which must be read together with the duties and responsibilities of each party stipulated in clauses 17(a) and (b) to the Agreement, which was vetted by the Attorney General’s Chamber before it was signed in June.

He said he has three years and four months left on his contract when under undue pressure from the Deputy Prime Minister he had to be made a scapegoat through the termination.

The veteran Journalist said he wish to remind the Deputy Prime Minister and MP for East Honiara that he has no power to manipulate the system.

But Mr Sasako said he has the pen, which throughout history has been described as being ‘mightier than the sword’.

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