100 TB cases in the country


Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Ms. Pauline McNeil .

Around one hundred people with Tuberculosis, TB, are estimated to be in the community, says Dr. Anu Pama Hazarika.

Dr. Hazarika who is the World Health Organisation’s Advisor for Communicable Diseases in Solomon Islands made the revelation at today’s World Tuberculosis Day celebrations in Honiara.

Speaking at a live broadcast program via the National Voice, this morning Dr. Hazarika said out of an estimated 500 cases of TB in the country, 385 had been noted by the Solomon Islands National TB Program.

“The Solomon Islands National TB Program has notified three hundred and eighty-four cases out of an estimated five hundred cases which are currently in the country, which means we have around one hundred people out there in the community who need immediate medical attention for TB,”‘ she said.

“TB is completely curable with a full course of treatment. Early diagnosis not only helps the person to start treatment soon and to get cured, but also reduce the chances of transmission of the bacteria to his or her family members, friends and colleagues”.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Ms. Pauline McNeil said Solomon Islands is progressing well with its target to eliminate TB by 2035.

“Solomon Islands too adopted the dots approach and patients are treated for TB free of cost, no charges. There has been a gradual decline of TB cases and we are slowly and steadily progressing in our efforts to eliminate TB by 2035 in our country and that is our target,” she said.

“This success has been even more remarkable considering the fact that the TB programs world over relied on antiquated tools such as the microscopic for diagnosing TB”.

By: Rickson Bau. 

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