Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Alfred Sasako. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

Former Parliamentarian Alfred Sasako is optimistic that enacting a rural constituency development fund commission will boost the role of the national parliament as a legislature.

Mr Sasako made this statement after his earlier call on the current House to introduce a draft legislation on having a Rural Constituency Development Fund Commission as an independent body to manage all funds under Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

“Well, I think it will make a big impact because today as you know quite a large percentage of MPs come in just because of the funding, so I think it will help to streamline the people who have genuine concern to develop the nation. Only these people would be willing to come because it’s not going to be an easy job, it’s going to be hard work.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Sasako says this will also allow only suitable members of parliament to contest future election as national legislators.

“People with you know a level of education that they can understand documents brought to parliament to debate them, people who can participate fully in debates and other fora relating to their work.”

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