SBD$1.8 Million for Next Week’s Lockdown


The government will be spending around 1.8-million dollars in operational costs for the lockdown approved to be enforced from 6 pm on Sunday the 29th to 6 am on Tuesday the 31st of August 2021.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force manning the Aligator Checkpoint during last years lockdown

The figure was announced at a media conference today.

It will be spent on operational costs during the 36 hours of lockdown within Honiara’s Emergency zone.

The lockdown as approved by the cabinet is part of the country’s preparation and response plans due to the increasing threat of the delta variant of COVID-19 globally in neighboring countries.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and National Disaster Council Chair Dr. Melchior Mataki confirmed.

“The lockdown will cost around 1.8 million for all the sectors involved in the lockdown, especially Police, Health, NDMO, and other frontline works.”

Dr. Yogesh Choudhri, Advisor, Ministry of Health and Medical Services said as the new variant is emerging, measures need to be put in place and one of them is through a lockdown.

“We want to test our  capability in handling the Delta Variant if it enters the country.”

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force will be playing a leading role in the 36 hours of operation.

“During the lockdown, those moving around without genuine reasons will be arrested on the spot.”

Senior Sergeant (SSgt) Francis Ramoni, National Emergency Management Special Events Planning (NEMSEP) says the those 

The last lockdown exercise in Honiara was conducted more than a year ago.

The Delta Variant had set a whole new perspective on the preparedness of the oversight committee and front-line workers that led to the review of the lockdown plan.

The lockdown plans will be put to test on August 29th, to see the ideas, and strategies, if they are enough to keep the country safe from any community transmission of Delta variant.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Hon. Mathew Wale who was currently at the Western Province says he has been reliably informed that the Western Province COVID-19 Response Funds have not been replenished since June this year.

“The Director of the Western Provincial Health Authority told me that they have been borrowing funds from elsewhere to respond to the situation.”  

He adds the COVID-19 allowances for front-line workers in Western Province from last year have not been paid as well.

He said the government is being negligent about the matter.

More clarifications on the lockdown and related issues will be made during tomorrow’s radio talkback show at the National Broadcaster.

by Simon Tavake 


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