SBD$2.7 million for Cyclone Lola’s emergency response in Temotu

SBD$2.7 million for Cyclone Lola’s emergency response in Temotu

The total cost to respond to the communities in Temotu Province which were affected by the recent havoc caused by Tropical Cyclone Lola is totaled up to around SBD$2.7 million, the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has confirmed.

Director of NDMO, Jonathan Tafiariki told the local media in a press conference, Thursday this week that more than 70% of the costing is for logistics purposes, including the deployment of the patrol boat to the affected areas.

“In terms of the immediate response, we already got the approval for deployment and the logistics component of the task is under the arrangement of the Australia and Solomon Islands Government. This is done through the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF),” Mr Tafiariki said.

He added, the relief supplies costs nearly SBD$500,000.00, while an additional SBD$200,000.00 has been allocated to assist other outlying islands that were affected by the cyclone, apart from the badly affected Tikopia and Anuta Islands.

A National Situational Report issued by the NDMO this week highlighted that the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) has completed the Initial Situation Overview (ISO) identifying key response areas including livelihood, health, education and protection.

Map of the impacted communities of Temotu province. Photo: NDMO

“The affected islands with a total population of approximately 2,504, showing significant damage include Anuta, Tikopia, Niupani, Nukapu, Nifiloli, Pileni, Matema and Duff Islands,” it stated.

From the ISO report prepared by NEOC, Tikopia has shown some significant impacts on Infrastructure and shelter, health, WASH, and livelihood. In addition, Reef out-lying Islands and Duff Islands have also reported damages to food gardens affecting livelihood.

“Duff Islands reported some damages to education facilities, this being Tetoli Secondary School Classroom which had 5 staff houses and 1 dormitory reported damaged.

“In addition, 7 dwelling houses in Kahula sustained damages and 3 were destroyed. Furthermore, 2 kitchens were reported to be damaged in Tahula and another 3 in Ngaota,” the National Situational Report further stated.

Meanwhile, there are 4 confirmed deaths in Vanikoro as a result of diarrhoea and dysentery infections. Health officials have recently declared a dysentery outbreak at Vanikoro and P-DOC Health is planning to send medical staffs and drugs to Vanikoro this week to assist with situation. –ENDS//


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