The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

Self-sponsored students studying education at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) are calling on responsible authorities to step in to help pay their fees.

Chairman of the Panatina Students Taskforce Dickson Koke says self-sponsored students at Panatina Campus are facing challenges and request the Government and responsible authorities to assist them.

He says the Taskforce has already met with the responsible authority and the Prime Minister’s Office and are now waiting for a response.

“It really presented each of the students a real challenge because, you know, they are really struggling on their own and somehow ended up at the university and it would be even better if someone could step in to solve the situation they are facing.”

SIBC News understands it costs more than $7,000 per year in tuition costs for teaching courses at the Solomon Islands National University.

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