Seal shortage delays counting for Temotu

Seal shortage delays counting for Temotu


By Ian Kaukui in Lata

Seal shortage has delayed counting of ballot boxes for Nende Constituency to tomorrow.

Election Manager for Temotu Province, Elvis Kekegolo told SIBC News that they were not able to do the verification process due to the shortage of seals.

SIBC understands this is the second delay for the counting process as earlier, counting officials had to wait for ballot boxes from three remaining polling stations in Nangu to be deployed to Lata.

Shortly after their arrival at the Lata Police station around mid-day today, all the ballot boxes were then transported by Police to the counting centre, where the shortage of seals to be used after verification was identified.

Mr. Kekegolo said that upon consulting the head office in Honiara, more seals will be transported by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) tomorrow.

For Vatud and Pele constituencies, ballot boxes are yet to arrive in Lata.

Meanwhile, the provincial capital continues to see an influx of people coming in from all over the province, including the candidates, to follow the counting process.


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