Vehicles on the Honiara road. Photo: SIBC

Vehicles on the Honiara road. Photo: SIBC

The Honiara short bus routes will need an amendment to the current Transport Act to cater for its implementation, says Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Henry Murray.

Mr. Murray told SIBC News today the short bus routes must be recommended by the National Transport Board to be forwarded to the Cabinet for approval.

“So it will need the Board to make those recommendations to the Cabinet for us to make amendments to the Act. It’s not that easy for us to just create changes that people want to be done immediately, so that’s what the Board is looking at in the coming meetings, deciding on what needs to be done to find solutions to the problems that we are currently facing.”

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary adds any short bus routes will be implemented after the Kukum Highway construction is completed, adding traffic police will assist with the usual traffic congestion.

“In the meantime, traffic police will assist us so as to control the current flow of traffic, but in terms of the short bus routes, as I’ve said we will need to amend the Transport Act.”

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