The Munda International Airport. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Munda International Airport. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Ministry of Communication and Aviation will publish short-listed contractors to develop the second phase of the Munda International Airport in Western Province next month.

Permanent Secretary of Communication and Aviation Francis Lomo confirms work on developing the parameter fencing, runaway lights and fire service facilities of the airport have been tendered internationally and domestically.

Mr Lomo said also confirms the process of short-listing suitable contractors for the airport development is currently underway.

He said the New Zealand Government and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) will select the contractors.

“Some of the components have been completed at their due dates and I think the process of short-listing the contractors is underway at the moment as we speak. Selection of the contractors will be reserved for the New Zealand Government with the support of MID. We have a committee that selects the contractors for the work.”

The Permanent Secretary also said the selection of contractors will conclude before June and work on the airport’s components should begin by July this year.

“Only the finalisation of the companies are yet to be carried out but I think that will be conducted very shortly, hoping that that should be done before June. By July, construction on some components of the Munda airport should start.”

The Munda International airport will be developed under the assistance of the New Zealand Government.

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