SICA on China-Taiwan Saga


The Solomon Islands Christian Association is deeply concerned on the current political impasses which has divided the people of Solomon Islands- the Taiwan/China issue.

SICA says, all Solomon Islanders should fervently pray for our government and people, for peace, love, harmony, tolerance, goodwill and good governance. The Christian Organisation’s national appeal is that the Holy Ghost be allowed to be our guiding light and let good “Christian Principles” prevail.

In its meeting on October 3rd, SICA resolved to call on all churches, individuals, organizations and other stakeholders to refrain from taking the law into their own hands or to resort to other means that might further divide our people or escalate the issue to a level not acceptable to the well-being of the people in this country.

It says, citizens should allow the 50 Members of Parliament, mandated by our ballot papers during the recent National General Election to sort this issue out according to the rule of law.

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