Participants at the four days training. Photo credit: SIEC.

Participants at the four days training. Photo credit: SIEC.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) has successfully completed a four days training for 50 Revising Officers in Honiara.

A statement from the Commission says the Revising Officers represent the country’s 50 constituencies.

Senior SIEC Training Officer, Madlyn Ero says the training aims to equip and familiarise the Revising Officers with what to expect from registered voters who have filed their Omission and Objection claims and to give them additional insights on their roles and responsibilities.

She says this training is the first step in preparation for the Revision Officers and will help them better understand what to do and how to manage themselves when dealing with issues that are sure to arise in real life situations at their public inquiry centres.

She commended the participants level of professionalism shown during the training.

Meanwhile, Mrs Ero says the training was divided into two clusters; two days of intensive training for the Revising Officers and two days of train the trainers for the Revising Officers to apply to their assistants in their respective provinces.

She adds, it is important all decisions by field officers remain impartial, fair and in accordance with the laws that govern electoral work in the country.

She says, these officers must maintain their ethics.

The senior SIEC Senior Training Officer says if a Revising Officer is found to be biased and making decisions that are based on his or her own personal interests, they can be penalised.

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