SIEC Prepares for by-elections


Preparations are well underway for the North East Guadalcanal and Central Honiara constituencies by-election later this year.

Chief Electoral Officer, Jane Waetara said, the Solomon Islands Electoral Office is currently planning and implementing all pre-election activities.

“Pre-election activities done includes, recruitment of temporary electoral officials, stakeholder consultations, securing funding, procurement and preparation of training and awareness materials including ensuring covid compliance measures to be adhered to during the electoral process”, Mrs Waetara said.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission has updated the Governor General of the status of preparations so far.

Governor General will make the final proclamation of the date for the by-elections as required by law.

Key Election Officials have been recruited and will undergo their three days training from 14th to 16th September. 

A statement from the Electoral Office said, voter’s awareness Materials were developed and will soon made available for distribution through social media, newspaper, churches, election officials and candidates.

Meanwhile, voters and candidates and followers of the two constituencies were reminded to listen and check all possible media outlets for update and information about the by-elections.

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