Solomon Airlines Logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Airlines Logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands Government has clarified, its relationship with Fiji for air transport matters is based on the Air Service Agreement Memorandum of Understanding.

It is based on the MOU signed on January 5 2010 in Suva.

In a statement on Tuesday the Solomon Islands Government cleared the air that second part to this is the Air Service Permit, ASP, issued by the Fiji Attorney General to the Solomon Airlines.

The ASP is the document which regulates what Solomon Islands can do in the way of uplifting and dropping off of passengers and freight and also to regulate whom it can code share with into and out of Fiji.

The statement adds that in the past Fiji have had the ability to operate into Solomon Islands whereas Solomon Islands has generally been happy to grant Fiji what it has asked for as there had been no conflict between the capabilities of both Fiji and Solomon Islands.

It says the crux of this matter is Fiji has prevented Solomon Airlines from carrying codeshare passengers between Nadi and Port Vila and that Solomon Airlines can only code share with any Air Pacific flights into or out of Fiji which is operated by Solomon Airlines.

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