Isabel's provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Isabel’s provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Hograno House of Chief is concerned, the appointment of a second Paramount Chief for the Hograno District is illegal

Hograno House of Chief Chair Johnson Leamana says the appointment was done in the absence of the chief executive members and the consent of the current Paramount Chief.

Mr Leamana says the appointment of the new Paramount Chief was illegal according to the Isabel House of Chief constitution.

“I think the Hograno House of Chiefs’ constitution doesn’t have the appointment of this paramount chief, and because we are affiliated to the Isabel Council of Chiefs as part of the Isabel Chiefly system. Isabel Council of chiefs hasn’t got this paramount chief and so unless we make an amendment to the Isabel Council of Chiefs constitution, which is the overall governing body, this paramount chief will not be recognised in the constitution.”

Mr Leamana adds, the appointment was a break away from the rest of the Hograno House of Chief.

He calls on the people to cooperate and properly manage and coordinate the House of Chiefs in Isabel Province.

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