A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force billbaord. Photo: SIBC.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force billboard. Photo: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands Government expects professional policing service to the people of Solomon Islands, says Police Minister Chris Laore.

Minister Laore made the statement yesterday when he officially launched the new Police Act in Honiara.

He said the Police Regulations under the 2013 Police Act will provide a modern framework to give that professional policing service.

Minister Laore explained the Police Act addresses important functions like governance, employment, police powers, offences, conduct and discipline.

He also said a Code of Conduct is prescribed within the Police Regulations and RSIPF officers are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct in delivering an accountable police service.

The Police Minister also said he is confident that the Police Act and Regulations will strengthen the operational capability of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to maintain law and order and ensure community safety and build community trust and confidence in the Force.

Meanwhile, RAMSI has offered to help the Royal Solomon Islands Police to strengthen law and order in the country.

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Justine Braithwaite made the statement during the launch of the new Police Act yesterday.

Justine Braitwaite said one of RAMSI’s primary objectives is to help the RSIPF maintain law and order to promote long-lasting peace and stability in Solomon Islands.

Braithwaite explains the new Police Act enables the RSIPF to implement the newly developed model of policing which aims at transforming itself into a modern, effective and accountable Force.

She adds the new Act also provides police officers with the necessary and appropriate legal powers to carry out their daily policing functions.

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