Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Advocacy Association (SIIPHRAA) supports the call by the National Malaita Fundraising Committee for all Malaitans to contribute to the development of the Malaita Provincial Chamber.

SIIPHRAA Chief Executive Officer, Moses Ramo reiterates the committee’s call as it is very important for all Malaitans in the country.

He says all Malaitans should contribute towards this genuine call.

“I want to again reiterate here that we contribute towards the good cause for Malaita because we started from Malaita before we come to Honiara or other provinces like Noro in the Western province or Russell islands or Guadalcanal and other places and everywhere around this country, we started from Malaita. Second, we also have our resources there, our land is there and when we adopted the Federal Government system we all will have to return to Malaita to develop our home and province.”

He adds, returning to Malaita has nothing to do with selfish reasons or discrimination, but to develop Malaita province.

“Not for selfish reasons, not even for discrimination, no! But it’s important we are reminded that today is a very important day that one day soon, not long now, we will have to return to developing Malaita. It’s about time that we think returning to Malaita or even if you’re not returning now, but return your contribution to developing Malaita.”

SIBC News understands, Malaita today celebrates 33 years of self-governing as a province.

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