The Nursing profession. Photo credit:

The Nursing profession. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Nurses Association (SINA) has extended its strike notice by a further 30 days.

The extension is effective tomorrow, 8th April, after the initial 28 days notice lapsed today.

SINA National General Secretary Sue Sukihi confirms to SIBC News this afternoon, the extension is for responsible Government Ministries to appease the Multi and Special Duty allowance demand details as outstanding dates back over a number of years.

“Multi-allowances and special duty allowances of a lot of nurses have not been paid for at least three years since 2013 so this needs to be looked at and addressed so that it could be updated and so that’s why they need time to look into, hence the additional 30 days.”

The 30 days extension means all SINA financial members will ‘NOT’ go on strike tomorrow as initially planned.

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