SINCW President Ella Kauhue. Photo credit: SIBC.

SINCW President Ella Kauhue. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women (SINCW) is calling on the National government to carry out a new study on gender-based violence in the country.

President of the Council Ms. Ella Kauhue says the Family Health and Safety Study done in 2009 is outdated and does not reflect the current gender-based violence situation of women and girls.

She says basing current reports on the 2009 data does not do justice to the women and girls whose lives continue to be violated and destroyed by gender-based violence in their families and communities.

Ms. Kauhue says, it is crucial to provide relevant and updated data that truly reflects the situation of women and girls particularly those who have experienced gender-based violence after the study was done.

She says this will certainly help any reactive action in the future.

The National Council of Women President stressed, the purpose of the Family Protection Act is to address all forms of violence in the country, therefore it is important to reach all the corners of this country when addressing gender-based violence.

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