SINU Students Elect New SINUSA Representatives

SINU Students Elect New SINUSA Representatives

By Alex Dadamu

Students at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) cast their votes today to elect new representatives in their student body, the Solomon Islands National University Student’s Association (SINUSA).

Wilson Adiomea, the Returning Officer for the elections, told SIBC News that the turnout has been good since the polling stations opened at 8 am. He confirmed that polling would close at 4 pm.

Adiomea said that there are six (6) polling stations which spreads across the university’s three campuses, with each station being managed by presiding officers and polling officials.

Returning Officer for SINUSA election, Wilson Adiomea

He added that the results are expected to be announced tomorrow.

SIBC News also spoke with some students after they cast their votes at the SINUSA election.

Loise Keni, a first-year Bachelor’s student in Teaching Secondary, and Nester Osifera, a first-year student in Diploma Teaching Secondary, said that for them, voting means choosing a leader who will listen to all students’ concerns and voice them to the university’s responsible department.

“We want a leader who listens to students’ concerns and needs and then voices them to the responsible department within the university,” both students told SIBC News.

Lydia Elwin, a Master’s student in Educational Leadership, told SIBC News that she cast her vote for someone who prioritizes students’ welfare and has a long-term vision for leadership and education.

According to Wilson Adiomea, four candidates are competing for the president’s post, three (3) for the vice president’s post, and two candidates for the secretary post.


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