SIPA acquires modern ‘Lashing cages’, improving safety standards in ship operations


Solomon Ports this week welcomed the arrival of three new modern ‘Lashing Cages” at Honiara International Port. This is the first time for SIPA to use such equipment, and the second Port in the Pacific Region to have such equipment in its operation.

An example of the lashing cages in operation. Photos/Supplied – SIPA Media

These lifting cages are designed and will be used to improve the safety of the stevedores and facilitate access to container twist locks, further optimizing the process of cargo operations. It will be used during shipping operations to lift stevedores onto vessels when unlocking containers for unloading and lowering stevedores into cargo holds safely. 

The cages were acquired from ‘TEC Container’ in Spain, and, it has a Capacity of 4 persons with complete working equipment. 

It has Anti-slip floors, and a Double safety system, can be used ‘Automatically’ by using the twist locks of the spreader, and ‘Manually’ by using chains with hooks from inside the cage.

SIPA Operations and Stevedore staff pose in front of the new cages

Last week the stevedore staff were introduced to the lifting cages and were given a tour /inspection of the cages. 

A presentation was also caried out to allow the stevedores to familiarize themselves with the cages and were shown a video instruction from the cage’s manufacturer on instruction on how to use the cages properly. 

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Eranda Kotelawala was also present during the presentation, alongside SIPA’s Operation managers, where he encouraged the stevedoring staff to take pride on the new equipment and must continue to exercise safety procedures when working on board vessels. 

SIPA Operation managers pose in front of the new safety cages

The SIPA Stevedore staff will be further trained on how to use the equipment before the cages will go into operation. Meanwhile, the Manager Operations Stevedoring, Mr. John Irofa’alu said the addition of the new equipment will further improve the working condition of his staff. 

He said the new cages will also ensure safety during ship operations and will enhance the efficiency of stevedores when unloading and loading of cargoes to container vessels. 

“These new cages are indeed a boost for our team, we will continue to ensure our staff carry out their duties onboarded vessels with safety and efficiency,” he said. 

“I believe it will offer a safer working environment for the stevedores and will allow them to be comfortable when carrying out their duties.”

-SIPA Media Unit


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