SIPA signs Shipping Decarbonization plan


Solomon Ports is now proud to announce that we are now a signatory of the “Call to action for Shipping Decarbonization.”

Energy efficient LED lights,lighting up Honiara Port. Photo: SIPA Media

This was announced by Ingrid Sidenvall Jegou the Project Director for the Global Maritime Program on the 13th of November 2021.

This will compliment SIPA’s ongoing work with its Green Port initiative, to tackle climate change in the maritime trade industry, which SIPA has been leading the way in the region in terms of climate change mitigation.

The Call to Action was delivered at the Annual Summit of the Global Maritime Forum to the UK host of COP26 through Robert Courts, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport of the UK, who in his remarks assured participants that the message was well received.

The COP President, Alok Sharma, stated that COP26 is a unique opportunity to accelerate global efforts to address climate change, and that All industries must be part of the journey towards reaching net-zero emissions and keeping the Paris temperature goals within reach.

“As COP President, I welcome the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization and its clear message that leaders from across the maritime industry are ready to work with governments to fully decarbonize international shipping by 2050.”

The Call to Action was discussed at several events at COP, including a Getting to Zero Coalition side-event on Transport Day, the 10th November, which saw a panel with speakers from the governments of Tonga and the United States, and industry speakers from Trafigura and Citi agreeing on the urgency to act and to enhance ambition for the shipping sector.

Project Director for the Global Maritime Program Mr. Ingrid Sidenvall Jegou said the Call to Action, together with other important industry messages such as the launch of the Cargo Owners for Zero Emission Vessels, CoZEV and the Call led by the ICS for a global carbon levy and a net-zero 2050 target, as well as a position paper by the International Transport Workers Federation, ITF, sent an important and strong signal to decision makers that the industry is committed and is calling for ambition and policy action.

Now the Decarbonization plan, aims for the ‘Declaration on Zero Emission Shipping by 2050, establishing a mandatory GHG levy on international shipping to ensure that IMO emission measures are fully aligned with a 1.5ºC pathway, work together to establish green shipping corridors between ports in their countries, and form a network for green shipping.

In 2019, and later in early 2021, Solomon Ports commissioned the country’s major LED Lighting systems for both the Port of Honiara , and Port of Noro in the Western Province, which was aimed at reducing carbon emissions and energy usage at the Port.

This has seen great and significant reduction in energy use , and improved Port operations efficiency throughout SIPA’s facilities.

-SIPA Media

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