SIVB Logo. Photo credit: SIVB.

SIVB Logo. Photo credit: SIVB.

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) is now extending its message promoted as a true mecca for bird watching enthusiasts in the key Australian and New Zealand markets to the United Kingdom.

A statement from SIVB over the weekend stated, SIVB marketing officer Mr Brenden Mautoa will make the long trek to Egleton in Rutland, England, where he will fly the Solomon Islands flag at the 2016 Bird Watching Fair.

This is one of the world’s biggest bird watching events to which hundreds of UK and international birding enthusiasts are expected to attend.

Brenden’s attendance at the fair builds on the many activities the national tourist office has undertaken in this key niche tourism product area in the last two years.

Meanwhile, SIVB Chief Executive Officer, Mr Josefa ‘Jo’ Tuamoto Describes the event as a major opportunity for the Solomon Islands’ tourism future.

Mr Tuamoto says Bird watching is huge the world over and birdwatchers will travel anywhere to catch a glimpse of a rare or unusual species

He adds with close to 300 species of birds in the Solomon Islands, 102 of which are endemic, Solomon Islands has recognised this niche area as representing a major drawcard for the international bird watching community.

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