The FFA logo. Photo credit:

The FFA logo. Photo credit: www.atuna.co6

The Director Operations of the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), Noan Pakop has confirmed six unidentified boats were detected within the Pacific waters.

Mr Pakop revealed this in a recent interview with SIBC News.

“In terms of illegal activities, we have six infringements detected within the EEZs of all member countries in the Pacific in the waters of Kiribati, FSM, South of Solomon Islands towards Australia, New Caledonia.”

He also explains why this is a concern for the Pacific Island countries.

“The main concern now in our area regarding boats we that call blue boats, these are small boats from Vietnam where before they would come through Indonesia into PNG waters, Palau, but recently they began to spread to the FSM, Marshall Islands and very recently during this operation they came in contact with some of these boats in New Caledonia.”

SIBC News understands, these illegal boats were detected during the Operation Tui Moana Island Chief conducted early this month, which ended over the weekend.

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