The FFA logo. Photo credit: www.atuna.com

The FFA logo. Photo credit: www.atuna.com

The Director Operations of the Forum Fisheries Agency, Noan Pakop has called on Pacific Islands countries including Solomon Islands to be on alert for any sightings of illegal vessels crossing the Pacific waters.

Mr. Pakop made the call following the recent findings of six illegal boats – termed as the “Blue Boats,” detected during the Tui Moana/Island Chief operation conducted last month.

“Actually from the blue boats information that just came out during this operation in fact activity has been ongoing in our waters, we just have to look out and be aware.”

He also called for cooperation should there be any sightings of these blue boats roaming the Pacific Islands Exclusive Economic Zones.

“At FFA we are open to receive such information so it’s good to communicate such information to us so that together we can action to discourage the issue of Blue Boats, but not necessarily blue boats but also any illegal activity.”

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