Graduation Hat. Photo credit:

Graduation Hat. Photo credit:

The Mary Mazzarello Development Centre has graduated more than 20 women over the weekend.

This is the fifth group of women who have graduated from the centre.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Father Lawrence told the graduating women they are champions.

“And today too you are going to be called the champion. I call you a champion because you will be a champion with your word and also your work because what you have learned, you have learned a lot of good things and from there you have to carry out what you learned to your family, to your friends and to the nation. Who knows some people might call you, come we want you to help us to do the work or who knows, maybe the school might call you the graduand today, come we want you to help us.”

Meanwhile, founder and Director of Life and Hope Support Ministry, Martha Horiwapu encouraged the women to make full use of the skills they have acquired from the centre.

“When you go out, journeying together, try to connect with other women who you have trained together here, write to them asking them how they are. Networking is very important. Report back to the sisters what you are up to so that they can know what you are doing. Networking with other women’s organisations so that you do things as an organisation and not as an individual so that we can work together hand in hand.”

The graduation ceremony was celebrated on the theme ‘Skilful women with their faith journeying together for better living’.

Mary Mazzarello Development Centre is run and managed by the Salesian nuns of the Roman Catholic Church, but the programs are open to women of all denominations.

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