MP for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: Parliament.

MP for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: Parliament.

MP-elect Manasseh Sogavare has accepted his nomination as the Honiara Hotel camp’s candidate for the Prime Minister’s post.

In a moving and emotional acceptance speech upon his selection as the coalition’s Prime Minister candidate, Mr Sogavare says he accepts the nomination of his colleagues on behalf of their constituencies and the people of Solomon Islands who have been praying and demanding a change of political directions and leadership from the ill and failed policies of the Lilo-led regime.

Mr Sogavare assures his coalition colleagues, he would consult them and their stakeholders in every major decision that his new government will undertake.

He says the past years have been a period of personal reflection and transformation for him.

The five-term MP and two-time former Prime Minister from East Choiseul say he has moved on from issues of the past and looking forward to governing this nation with the total support of his coalition colleagues.

Mr Sogavare told his coalition camp, they have to put the interest of this nation above their own and policies must benefit not only the few in Honiara but those in the rural areas of Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, a media statement from the coalition’s interim secretariat says, the Honiara Hotel camp is confident of forming the next people – centred government.

It adds Sogavare’s nomination papers have been sent to the Governor General on Wednesday afternoon.

The media statement says, Sogavare currently enjoys the solid support of 27 MP-elects but the number is projected to increase leading up to the election next Tuesday.

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