HCC logo. Photo credit: HCC.

HCC logo. Photo credit: HCC.

The Honiara City Council has put a halt order on occupying the controversial Sol Plaza at Town Ground in Honiara.

The issue was discussed today during the City Council’s talk back show on its Town and Country Planning Act and Building Ordinance.

The business complex had reportedly received its occupancy permit from the Honiara City Council in May this year.

But in his response to a caller’s question on the matter, Deputy City Clerk, Ronald Amigo said the Council issued a halt order on the building because of breaches to Council Building by-laws.

“There is a halt order currently issued for that building regarding the occupancy because the City Council look at this in view of the Building by-laws of 1957, so they have to follow these by-laws.”

The Deputy City Clerk also indicated that the Sol Plaza building may be allowed to be occupied after the building by-laws are amended.

“Until we have come up with an amended by-law, so with that all the requirements and all the procedures to be followed with regards to that building, has to go and coincide with the current building by-laws that we have. So I think that is the update on that although controversial issue on the Town ground building.”

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