Tulagi was host of the Solomon Games in 2013. Photo credit: SIBC.

Tulagi was host of the Solomon Games in 2013. Photo credit: SIBC.

In Sports, the President of the Solomon Games Council has resigned.

An email from the Solomon Games Secretariat today confirms, President Alexander McDonald tendered his resignation to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs and a copy to the Chairman of the National Sports Council, Thursday this week.

Asked why he resigned, Mr McDonald said it was a personal decision taken in the best interest of the Solomon Games.

He adds, if there is a need at any time for one to step aside then one must not only comply but it is an obligation do so.

He says Solomon Games belongs to the people of Solomon Islands and he is only a custodian of the executive role he once held.

Meanwhile, Mr McDonald said he will continue to assist the Council until a new President is elected next month to minimise any disruptions to the work of the organisation following his resignation.

Mr McDonald adds, he holds no grudges against anyone but only thank those who assisted him in arriving at his decision.

SIBC News understands, nominations are now open for the position of President of the Solomon Games Council.

The nominations will close a day before the next Solomon Games Council Meeting.

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