The Commonwealth-Secretary-General Kamalesh-Sharma. Photo credit:

The Commonwealth-Secretary-General Kamalesh-Sharma. Photo credit:

Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma says the people of Solomon Islands have the right to participate in a free and fair election in order to shape the society they wish to live in.

The Secretary General stresses, 19 November is the day Solomon Islanders should be able to exercise their right to vote freely and peacefully.

Mr Sharma says, the elections must be peaceful and credible in order to reflect the true will of the people of Solomon Islands.

He adds, all concerned – the election management body, political party leaders and their supporters, security agencies, the media, civil society and the voters themselves should play their rightful roles on election day so that the process and results command the confidence and trust of all.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Secretary General explains, a Commonwealth Observer Group will be in the country to consider the pre-electoral environment and preparations.

Mr Sharma adds, on election day and thereafter, it will observe the voting process, counting and tabulation procedures and the announcement of results, in light of international standards for democratic elections to which the country has committed itself.

He concludes, the Commonwealth is committed to the people of Solomon Islands and will continue to work to strengthen the country’s democratic processes and the pursuit of its development goals in accordance with national plans and the Commonwealth’s guiding values and principles as set out in the Commonwealth Charter, and working closely with the country’s other partners.

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