Westpac logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Westpac logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Westpac Bank is offering a total of six education grant for women and girls in its Westpac Women’s Education Grant this year.

The grant aims to financially assist women and girls in education costs.

It offers two grants for primary school girls, high school or secondary college students and two grants for female tertiary students or workers who would like to return to study.

Westpac General Manager Elliott Griffin encourages women and girls from around the country to apply for the Grants as they are a huge stepping stone for personal and professional growth.

Mr Griffin said well-educated women and girls have a far stronger chance of entering the workforce and enjoying financial stability and overall high levels of wellbeing.

He adds having educated, engaged and financially empowered women is necessary for sustainable social and economic development.

Westpac has offered these Grants since 2011 saying this is because the bank recognises the critical link between education and the broader empowerment of women across the Pacific.

Applications for the scholarships will close on Friday.

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