An example of a low-pressure system. Photo credit:

An example of a low-pressure system. Photo credit:

Solomon Islands waters are among the world’s warmest, a favourable condition for tropical cyclones.

Director of Meteorology David Hiriasia says history has shown that most low-pressure systems have formed around the Rennell Bellona area.

He says the warmer seas around Solomon Islands normally presents the first favourable condition for tropical cyclones.

“The first most ingredient there is that the ocean waters around Solomon Islands are quite warm. In fact, it is one of the warmest areas of ocean in the world and scientists believe that this warm pool or area of the warmest ocean waters in the world is driving the global climate. So the first condition is that the sea must be warm so that moisture can feed the system.”

Mr Hiriasia explains, the energy needed to spin a tropical cyclone also depends on the latitudes as seen on a map.

“If you look at a map, the lines going across are latitudes, so as you move down towards the Equator the energy is lesser and zero at the Equator, but towards the areas between Rennell, Bellona and Temotu province, which is around ten, nine or eight degrees south, it has the power or energy to spin a low-pressure system around.”

SIBC News is aware, the Met Service has issued a Heavy Rain and Flooding alert for the country since yesterday.

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