Vinicius vows to maintain Kurukuru’s winning culture

Vinicius De Carvalho Leite. Photo: Daniel Kakadi.

The Newly appointed Kurukuru Brazilian head coach Vinicius De Carvalho Leite has arrived in the country today.

Speaking after his arrival today, Vinicius said it will be a big task ahead to maintain the team’s tradition of winning.

He said he had high expectation for the team and that other teams across the region had improved significantly over the years.

“My expectations are the highest and the best possible, this is a winning team with a winning culture, but you are only good as your next game or tyournament,” he said.

“What they’ve done in the past is in the past, now we have to move forward, the other teams are preparing harder than the last time, they are bringing in new coaches so they are evolving.”

Vinicius also assured the Kurukuru fans across the country that he would maintain a high intensity game plan and that he had confidence that the team would produce good results.

“I’m very confident, they have a winning culture and I have that mentality as well, I’m a competitive person , I come from Brazil where second place is no good , so when I joined the team I brought that mentality with me,” he said.

“I expect no less than hundred ten percent from these boys, the other teams are preparing maybe harder than us, they’ve started a bit earlier,  but we’ve got time now to catch up prove them on the court and prove to them who is the best team ,  and we are gonna do that.”

By: Lowen Sei. 

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