Court mallet. Photo: Effiong Eton

                                                                Court mallet. Photo: Effiong Eton

The Law Reform Commission is reviewing the Sorcery offence in the Penal Code.

While issues of sorcery are very common in the Solomon Islands, there has never been any successful prosecution of the offence.

Secretary of the Law Reform Commission Philip Kanairara says it is very difficult to prove the offence of sorcery and most times when cases are reported to police, they could only liaise with the parties for a settlement.

Mr. Kanairara says they are currently reviewing the offence to make it more practical and have been conducting consultations with people in the provinces.

He however pointed out, the local Courts and Churches would be more effective avenues to deal with sorcery cases.

“Leave sorcery to be dealt with at the local level, maybe by the chiefs or community leaders or the Churches, some churches who take a stand to deal with sorcery. But some churches do not believe in sorcery too so they do not want to be involved in it, but some churches they try to ensure that oh yes let us try to make people have a good life in communities so we try to sort out these issues.”

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