GRML mine facility. Photo credit: NA Finance.

GRML mine facility. Photo credit: NA Finance.

Gold Ridge Land Owning Group has called on the St Barbara Mining Company to settle outstanding payment issues before resuming its operation at Gold Ridge Mining Site.

Reporting to SIBC News today Gold Ridge Land Owning Group Representative Derrick Gisi said these include outstanding royalty payments and payments to secret and grave sites.

“We the Central Guadalcanal landowners want the company to return and must settle all outstanding issues such as royalties, tabu sites at the mine site and also graveyards of dead people being buried within the mine’s vicinity. These issues are yet to be settled by the company when leaving after issuing a post majeure notice.”

Meanwhile, Mr Gisi says another issues the company and National Government need to address is a lack of transparency issues which has surrounded the export of the recent gold bars out of the country.

“The next thing we’re concerned about is transparency which both the company and the government should provide to us, especially information on all gold shipment exported out of the country. We need to be informed about the percentages of gold being exported because it seems there’s no transparency, as has been promoted a lot in the country.”

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