A map of Rennell Island. Photo credit: Fernandocandido.

A map of Rennell Island. Photo credit: Fernandocandido.

The Organising Committee for the Rennell-Bellona Solomon Games has secured 7-million dollars from the Ministry of Home Affairs for the 2016 event.

Chair, Joyce Konofilia confirmed the funding at a press conference today, and adds the committee has been using one million dollars on infrastructure developments for the game.

“The overall budget that was kind of agreed on last year during the biding and also confirmed by Home Affairs is 7-million. From now until the end of this year 1-million had been put aside for us to start working with basically for infrastructure development, that is around 7-million.”

Meanwhile,the Committee’s Finance and Accounting Representative Willie Tuha says 1-million dollars of the seven-million dollars was used for the groundbreaking in Rennell-Bellona province.

The RenBell Solomon Games Committee also expressed it is confident the preparation will be completed before the Solomon Games kicks off in the province in 2016.

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