Feeling stressed? Hug a tree.


The Memorial Garden

Are you feeling tired, overworked and need a place where you can breathe fresh oxygen and hug a tree? Well maybe not literally.

But there is a place where you can gaze upon as many trees as you want.

The Memorial Garden next to the Hendersen International airport is the first place you will notice as you leave the airport in Solomon Islands.

It has candle tress beautifully lined with plaques at the bottom, honoring soldiers who fought and died in the Battle of Guadacanal during World War II.

The Honiara Beautification Committee managed the garden and at present, it is probably the only public place in the capital Honiara that is well kept.

This maybe due to its location outside of town or because it is under the ever present watchful eyes of the airport’s security, but the place is immaculately simple.


One of the three monuments in the garden.

There are three monuments in the center of the garden with seats, where one can sit and just relax or quietly appreciate what the soldiers did during the war.

It is an ideal place for a quite family outing or after church walks on the weekends.

The garden is also a popular location for taking wedding photographs.

The next time city life becomes too much, jump in a bus or take a drive up Hendersen and spend some time in the garden.

It’s a simple but refreshing way to relax.

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