Registrations has been slow and low for North Malaita. Photo: SIBC.

During the registrations. Photo credit: SIBC.

East Malaita’s Returning Officer have dismissed claims that Namoia, in East Malaita has yet to receive its Provisional Voters List, saying registered voters in the area have already checked their names.

Enoch Idui in East Malaita claimed yesterday that registered voters in Namoia have not seen their Provisional Voters List.

But Returning Officer, Tim Kwalemanu told SIBC News today, the Provisional Voters List for East Malaita arrived in Namoia late last month, and omissions and objections have already been done.

“Enoch Idui said that there was not Provisional List pinned up at Namoia when in fact the list has reached Namoia on 24th July already and people have been checking the list as well as coming forward to lodge their objections.”

The East Malaita Returning Officer also said, he was surprised to hear the news coming from the area in which the list was located.

Mr Kwalemanu also said voters have already visit the exhibition centre to check their names.

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