Pusiju community in Vella la Vella Island, Western Province celebrated their Easter weekend in style by empowering local women, girls, and men with a basic Cookery and Baking workshop.

46 members from the Sirubai Voko Tribe Association (SVTA)  and non-members attended the two-day workshop .

SVTA women and girls during the workshop

The workshop was made possible with financial support from Globalgreen Special Grant (GGSG), a USA-based donor and delivered by the Sirubai Voko Tribe Association.

On the first day of the training, the participants learned theoretical topics on Diet, Healthy living, Hygiene, basic cooking practice and preparation of food, and the importance of storage.

The purpose of the session was to give brief awareness of the basic role of mothers and fathers in food preparation and the tasks involved in pre-cooking. The participants then applied the basic cooking knowledge and skills to practicality by preparing at least six dishes.

On the second day, the participants learned about basic baking lessons that range from home pizza making to birthday cakes and sweet cakes.

Facilitator demonstrating how to make cake during the training

The training was tailored in such a way to suit the need of the rural women and girls, for instance, taking into consideration the utensils and resources they have at hand.

United Church Elder, Mr. Israel Paebara highlighted the importance of attending such training  for rural people, as it will also support other community events.

Workshop facilitator, Clera Emina said, the best learning experience she had while interacting with the participants was getting to know the rural women and girls more on their perspective on food preparation and food handling.

The community of Pusiju has been involved with conservation partners for decades and they have had visitors from the government and non-government organizations visiting the community regularly.

Participant Mrs. Naru Siala said, the training has empowered the women and girls to have a fair understanding of meeting the expectation of visitors and more so on the use of different favors for different dishes.

Pizza made by the participants at the training

Another participant Mrs. Tiro Keibule, also acknowledged the improvement of the standard of living that rural women and girls have gained through workshops or hands-on experience through such trainings.

Meanwhile, one of the male participants of the workshop, Mr. Jonathan Bukiri said ,SVTA has had a decade of experience in working with donor partners and government agencies for which positive changes have occurred in the community.

He said these kinds of  support will further strengthen and empower the women, girls, and youths to put more focus on agricultural activities.

The community also acknowledged GGSG for the financially support towards SVTA which has allowed the successful implementation of the workshop.



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