Looking north to Fenualoa from just outside the reef. Photo credit: SIBC.

Looking north to Fenualoa from just outside the reef. Photo credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fenualoa

An experienced teacher of Fenualoa School in Pele Constituency, Temotu Province Ismael Ou’ou has questioned the authorization of a recent examination cheating incident in the school.

Mr Ou’ou says this comes after one secondary and two primary school students have committed the offence during their examinations early this week.

“A male student had sat for the form three exam and he is not qualified because he’s only a form two student and then also two grade five students have also sat for the grade six exams, which were completely just recently.”

Mr Ou’ou now calls on the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to quickly clarify its decision on the incident as this has caused major confusion to both students and teachers of the school.

“I would like to appeal to the Ministry responsible to explain whether such actions are permissible under its current polices or otherwise explain why these students are being permitted to sit for the exams when they are not qualified.”

SIBC News understands primary schools around the country have ended their major examinations last yesterday while secondary division is expected to complete theirs today.


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