Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

Guadalcanal Provincial flag. Photo credit: crwflags.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Executive has concretely denied claims over the sale of Guadalcanal lands in Marau and Doma in Guadalcanal province.

Executive Spokes Person Justin Pascal told SIBC News, the provincial executive has no power to sell lands in Guadalcanal province.

He says, statements implying land sales is misleading.

Mr Pascal explains, the executive only have rights to lease lands and not sell them.

“I concretely denied this because for us the Provincial Executive does not have the power to sell land but only to lease it, a point by which people are confused.”

Mr Pascal adds, the executive is now planing to allocate land blocks in Marau and Doma to Guadalcanal people for development.

“In the Executive’s deliberations of course we are planning to have the Marau and Doma lands blocked out in 30 by 30 or 20 hectares and then we’ll tell the people of this island to apply for land and develop them.”

SIBC News understands the Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke has already denied any sale of land in Marau and Doma under his leadership.

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