A traffic sign in Feniton. Photo credit: www.chiark.greenend.org.uk

A traffic sign in Feniton, one of the placed to be visited by the teachers. Photo credit: www.chiark.greenend.org.uk

Four early childhood teachers of the Anglican church of Melanesia Education authority will be travelling to England this week for a four week literacy attachment.

The teachers were selected from Saint Nicholas Primary school, Norman Palmer School, Saint Francis Vaturanga, and Taroniara.

While in the UK, the teachers will have the chance and opportunity to do observation in the classroom and around the school to become familiar with routines, behavioural management, and time table and teaching and learning.

The four school teachers will also have the chance to teach a Maths and English warm up activity to a class in England.

The teachers will be spending most of their times in the classrooms in Feniton, Manchester, London and Chester.

It is anticipated that upon their return, they will assist and help other teachers to improve teaching of literacy in the Anglican Church run ECE schools in the country.

The four school ECE teachers’ trip was funded by the UK Melanesian mission.

The early childhood teachers leave for England on Thursday this week.

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