A map of Temotu Province. Photo credit: www.rurallink.com.sb

A map of Temotu Province. Photo credit: www.rurallink.com.sb

Temotu’s Provincial Disaster Committee is preparing to send a team to assess impacts Cyclone Pam has caused in Anuta and in other parts of the province.

The team will also include a medical team from Lata Hospital and other stakeholders.

Provincial Secretary of the Province, Samuel Kafukese told SIBC News immediate relief supplies will be delivered to communities most affected by Cyclone Pam.

“The other stakeholders that we are prepared as part of the committee will be conducting the assessment starting at Anuta, Tikopia, Duff islands, Reef islands and Utupua and Vanikoro so that’s what we are preparing for at the moment. We are ready to move out and assess especially the islands that are difficult to reach.”

The Provincial Secretary also said the Provincial Government of Temotu has prepared immediate relief supplies that will be delivered during the assessment.

“The provincial government has also agreed to provide relief supplies along with the assessment team as agreed in a meeting today.”

The Assessment Team will begin its work early next week.

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