The relief supplies bound for Temotu. Photo credit: World Vision.

The relief supplies bound for Temotu. Photo credit: World Vision.

Distribution of relief supplies is currently underway in Temotu province for communities who were affected by Tropical Cyclone Pam weeks ago.

The Government has chattered MV Florence to conduct the distribution of relief supplies, including food and non-food items to affected people in Temotu’s outer islands of Tikopia, Anuta, Duff and the Reef Islands.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has dispatched a total of 118 tonnes, whilst Anolpha Shipping Company provided four tones of rice for distribution to the affected communities.

Other Disaster Stakeholders (Solomon Islands Red Cross, World Vision and others) also distributed non-food relief supplies.

They included Shelter kits, Tarps, Mosquito nets, Hygiene Kits, sleeping mats, clothes, collapsible and Jerry cans.

Relief teams from the NDMO, Temotu Provincial Disaster Management Office and Disaster Stakeholders are assisting with the distribution.

Meanwhile, reports reaching NDMO from the Temotu Provincial Emergency Operation Centre (PEOC) says most of the islands vegetation have died and the scale of damage is huge, especially to food gardens and cash crops.

The statement says the provincial emergency operation centre has also responded to health issues and managed to contain further disease outbreaks in the Islands.

It adds, the NDMO, stakeholders and the Temotu Provincial Disaster Management Office are responding effectively by providing needed support through providing and distributing needed relief supplies.

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