Jimmy Lusibaea. Photo credit:

Jimmy Lusibaea. Photo credit:

Finance Minister Snyder Rini has failed the people of Malaita Province says the Member of Parliament for North Malaita, Malaita Province.

This is because the current budgetary allocations in the 2015 Appropriation Bill 2015 does not specify the two anticipated development sites identified in Malaita Province -Bina habour and Suafa bay proposed developments.

Addressing Parliament during his debate on the 2015 Appropriation Bill 2015 today, the North Malaita MP says even the proposed Liwe, Faumamanu and Kadabina industrial parks initiated by previous governments failed to appear in name but for some disappointing reasons were lumped together with other activities under the same Ministry for a $4.5 million allocation – under the heading ‘Industrial and Commercial Estate Development.

Mr Lusibaea calls on the Prime Minister and the DCC Government to be truthful to the people of Malaita and whether what the Prime Minister and DCC Government promised them will be delivered at all this year.

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