A mosquito bite. Photo: Courtesy of IVAC Blog.

                                                  A mosquito bite. Photo: Courtesy of IVAC Blog.

Test samples sent overseas by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services has confirmed that types 1 and 2 of the dengue virus is currently circulating in the country.

Chairman of the Ministry’s National Emergency Operations Committee, Dr. Chris Becha revealed in a media conference yesterday.

Dr. Becha who is also Under Secretary of Health Improvement urges people to take precautionary measures against the viral disease.

“The confirmatory results confirm dengue type 1 and type 2 are in circulation in the country at the moment. We are all at risk of contracting the disease. Therefore, it is important that we must take precautionary measures to prevent ourselves from getting infected.”

He adds the Operations Committee is now in full force by stepping up its surveillance system.

“We have a system in place and now I would like to inform the good people of this country that it has been upgraded and enhanced to all clinics in Guadalcanal and Honiara City so that the Ministry can gather as much information as possible. We are hoping that by doing this, it will assist us to better understand the situation and monitor the dynamic of this situation. Thus, to inform our relevant cluster interventions and our people to take relevant and appropriate actions.”

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