A mosquito bite. Photo: Courtesy of IVAC Blog.

A mosquito bite. Photo: Courtesy of IVAC Blog.

Gizo Hospital in the Western Province has recorded 96 dengue cases in the current dengue outbreak.

Hospital Director, Dr. Gregory Jilini confirmed to SIBC News today 73 are suspected cases while 23 positive cases have been confirmed.

He says the results are based on the hospital’s rapid diagnostic test, which is specifically designed to test for dengue.

“The latest information I have now is that a total of 73 cases has been tested and 23 have been confirmed to be positive for dengue, based on our rapid tests.”

He said they will launch a major dengue clean up campaign in Gizo town this week as part of their ongoing efforts to control the outbreak.

“A major activity we are planning to carry out and hoping to do this week is to have a clean up campaign in Gizo town, so the plan now is to have that clean up campaign on Wednesday and Thursday this week.”

SIBC News understands, 15 positive and 45 suspected cases were reported in the country last week.

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