That’s a lot of fabric! PM receives 33,000 metres to give to villagers


Ambassador Luo showing the Prime Minister the fabric

Rural communities in the country will now have the opportunity to make their own clothes, free of charge, after the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), donated more than 33,000 yards of fabric.

Worth around $SBD625,000, the Taiwanese handed the gift to the Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare, in a ceremony held at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority headquarters in Honiara yesterday.

The donation came from the ‘Simply Help’ foundation, a Taiwanese-American Charity based in Los Angeles, United States.

Speaking during the ceremony, ambassador Luo said the donation was a sign that Taiwan was not only giving financial support, but also materials to help communities support themselves.

“I believe that the fabrics will be smartly distributed by the Prime Minister and his office,” he said. “This is not the last donation made by the foundation, there is still more coming.”

Mr Luo also said the donation was a sign of solidarity between the two countries both at the local and international stage.

He also said Taiwan would continue to provide much needed assistance to the country’s government and people in the years to come.

In receiving the donation, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare thanked the ambassador, stating the donation was part of the ongoing strong bilateral relation the two countries share.

“This is assistance that will help people relate to their resources in the rural areas,” he said. “Your assistance reaches down to the village people, people shed tears when they receive houses, this is something that most rural people will not get their entire life.”

The Prime Minister also assured the ROC Ambassador that Solomon Islands would continue to stand and recognise Taiwan at the international stage.

SIBC understands the materials handed over to the prime minister will be distributed by the government to rural communities in the coming months.

By Lowen Sei

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